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Booking Procedure

......... Initial Enquiries and Booking

  • If you are interested in staying at the house, then please refer to the 'Price and availability' page. It is updated very soon after a booking is made, however, please treat it as a guide only and contact myself by telephone or email to check.

  • If you wish to proceed in making a booking then please use the 'Booking form'. I will reply by email to confirm receipt of you booking. If you prefer, I will also accept verbal bookings and those made through email.

  • Once this has been done, the week/s required are secured and the availability page will be changed to reflect your booking.

......... The Booking Form and Payments

  • The 'Booking form' needs to be submitted electronically and the payment (deposit/full) received by me within TEN WORKING DAYS of the booking date. If the payment is not received during this time, I will contact you to clarify your position. I may accept alternative bookings should it not arrive in time.

  • Payments can be made in the following ways;

      1. Submit the 'Booking form', followed by a BANK TRANSFER, direct from your bank account to my bank account*. In this case I will forward my bank details to you following receipt of your booking details. This method can be used for International and UK payments. An International Sender must pay all bank charges. Transfers between UK banks do not attract charges. All Payments must be in GBP ().

      2. Submit the 'Booking form', and in addition print a copy, date and sign it, and send it by post with your payment by CHEQUE. Cheques must be in GBP ().

      Solution Graphics

      3. Submit the 'Booking form', and pay through PAYPAL using your debit/credit card, Paypal account, Paypal Instant bank transfer, or Paypal eCheque. Payment must be in GBP ().

      With PAYPAL I make use of the Request Payment System. Put simply, I have a Paypal Premier Account and when I have received your booking form and your email address, I will send you an email request for your payment through Paypal. This email will provide you a link to a secure payment page. You can then pay securely using any of the methods mentioned.

      This secure payment system means that I do not have access to your credit/debit card details or any other payment information.

      Whilst convenvient and quick you should know that Paypal is not a free service. Paypal normally apply a 3.4% surcharge on the received transaction value, which I have to pay to them. I offset for this by increasing the required payment amount beforehand. When paypal charge me 3.4%, I charge 3.5%. Under certain circumstances, the Paypal surcharge may be less, but this is dependant on value of transactions in a month. When the Paypal surcharge is less than 3.4%, I will lower my 3.5% surcharge accordingly.

      Why is my charge 3.5% when Paypal's is 3.4%?

      This is because whatever amount I add to the letting price to compensate for Paypal charge, Paypal also take 3.4% of that increase!

      1000 letting price
      if I applied a 3.4% increase
      1000 x 3.4% = 34 (total) = 1034
      Then paypal charge me 3.4%
      1034 x 3.4% = 35.15, which then exceeds the initial increase I made.

      to compensate for this the initial charge is
      1000 x 3.5% = 35, total transaction value = 1035
      1035 x 3.4% (paypal charge) = 35.19, total amount I end up receiving after Paypal charge is 999.81.

      If you wish to avoid paying a surcharge, please make payment by cheque or bank transfer.

  • Only payment of a Deposit is required for bookings made more than 6 weeks before the letting period. Bookings made within 6 weeks of the letting period require full payment.

......... Subsequent operations

  • Having received your payment, I will return a booking confirmation and invoice to you within a further ten working days.The exact details of when and how to make any remaining payment will be outlined at this time.

  • Please note the following details ,

    The final payment date is six weeks before the start date of the letting period.

    Following clearance of the final payment an invoice will be forwarded within seven working days along with details of how to get to the house and other important information.

    The 'Returnable Service and Damage Bond' (RSDB) is payable with the final payment.

    The RSDB will be returned within 14 days after last day of the letting period.

    If the return the RSDB has to take place by 'bank-to-bank' transfer then any charges that are incurred through use of this method will be deducted from the amount returned. Transfers within the U.K. incur no cost. International transfer charges are no more than 10.00 (no charges levied at the beneficiary's bank). This applies to Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. Transfer charges to other countries would require investigation upon request.